Chocolate Marble

Loaf Cake


This chocolate marble loaf cake is a super moist pound cake. This cake is swirled with vanilla and chocolate cake to create a marble swirled look


STEP 1: Beat the butter and sugar together.

STEP 2: Add in vanilla and eggs. Mix in dry ingredients and buttermilk.

STEP 3: Divide the batter into 2. Mix in cocoa powder and hot water.

STEP 4: Use a cookie scoop and scoop the batter and alternate the colors.

STEP 5: Do it again.

STEP 6: Spread vanilla cake batter on top.

STEP 7: Dollop the chocolate cake batter on top.

STEP 8: Use a knife to swirl the batter together.

STEP 9: Bake for over an hour.

Get the recipe by clicking the link below.